Horseshoe Canyon, USA Petroglyphs

The Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon petroglyphs are some of the oldest rock carvings in United States of America. Their origin is estimated in Archaic period, which lasted roughly between 8,500-2,000 B.C. They are accompanied with Pictographs, which are made in later period, mainly in the period between 400 to 1350 A.D. The difference between the two is in the process. Petroglyphs are carved out of the rock, while Pictographs are painted on the rock mainly with red-coloured hematite (iron oxide). Some desert varnish surfaces are blackish-coloured from manganese oxide minerals for example.

The images are attributed to Freemont Natives, however, nobody really knows who lived there 10,000 years ago. They are as mysterious as they are beautiful. But what exactly do they represent?

Photo: Hand Painted Skirt Design

The “Great Gallery” measures 200-feet long and 15-feet with life-sized figures painted. The panel features 20 figures without legs or arms that are 7-feet tall. These figures are painted in rows and are surrounded by animals, birds and other unidentified figures. Over 80 images are painted on the rock wall. The life-sized artwork are painted red, white and brown, with some having great detail in them.

Video presentation – Canyon of the Ancient Ones

We have searched the web for some quality presentation on the subject and found this 4 minutes long video in which you can discover the enchanting Great Gallery at Horseshoe Canyon, USA, home to ancient petroglyphs and pictographs. The origins of these mysterious drawings are unknown, and their creators are a mystery lost to time. Captivating site, a testament to the unknown history of the American West.