How are the dresses made?

By hand! The only machine used in the process is the sawing machine. We decided to stick with that, because the tailor threatened to quit.

Are there any special instructions how to take care of the dress?

Definitely! It should be taken care with LOVE! Besides that, it can be washed in washing machine at up to 40°C (104°F). Turn the item inside out before that. In addition, you should iron it at medium strength with cloth covering the painted part. Otherwise you will destroy the paint. Do not tumble dry. Be advised that all dresses have been washed and ironed after the production, so you can wear them immediately. Aren’t we the best?
For more precise instructions please see our Care guide.

Do you ship everywhere in the world?

We use ships wherever possible. However, there are places which cannot be reached by ships, so we might use trains, cars or even drones in the near future.

Can I order a custom made dress and/or a custom image?

Almost anything is possible. To alter the clothes is not so complicated. In regards to image, too complicated. Right now. But than again, depends. Contact us and we will talk.

Are you planning to make any other images?

Definitely. We are always working on something. However it really takes time. First, the image must get our attention. Then we study the image and the meaning with historical context. Than we have to prepare the info for you, and of course prepare our hand for drawing and painting. But yes, we are constantly looking and giving our best. We love to learn as well. And this world is pure MAGIC. However if you see something you already like, you should not wait!! You know – an opportunity missed…

How accurate are the colors?

A very, very good question. Yes, do have in mind that you are looking at electronic screen, which means that colors on your side might be a bit different than they are in person. To overcome the issue, we came up with idea, to provide you a RAL number next to the Artwork, which can be checked in every shop with paints. We will also try to describe the color in the Artwork description. It is not perfect, and we will be happy to include some other ideas. We do not want Art to travel in boxes too much. I hope you agree.

How do you look good in a linen dress?

It is easy as can be with a linen dress. Choose a simple V-neck linen tunic dress with rolled-up sleeves or a simple wrap dress knee-length. Pair the look with a denim jacket, sneakers, or simple sandals and you are good to go. To elevate the look, add sunglasses and a straw hat.

Can you wear linen skirt in winter?

Yes, linen keeps you warm in winter because, as well as having breathable and cooling properties, it’s a temperature-regulating fabric. This means that it helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Why is European linen the best?

The quality can be attributed to the unique climate conditions in the European continent, the mineral-rich silty soil and generations of farmer expertise. Flax plants grown in the region are known for producing extra-long fibers — much longer than those from linseed grown in other parts of the world.

Does linen get better with age?

But of course! Linen gets better with age, and lasts 12 times longer than cotton. The softness and strength are refined by warmth, friction and tension on the fibers. It becomes more flexible, supple and durable with each passing day, reflecting new character as time goes on. Linen consists of flax plant fibres spun into thread.

Why is Rock Art important?

Amongst other reasons, Rock Art gives us information about the human past and the richness of human culture, which is not available from any other source. It reflects in a very direct way the emergence and flourishing of the human imagination.

What is the purpose of handmade?

Handmade goes deeper than retail. Handmade pieces show the power of the human spirit and its propensity to create. When you support artisan-made pieces, you also support the craft skill they practice
The items are not mass produced meaning each item has a unique display of craftsmanship. Every item has its own character that is to be admired, offering authenticity and a guarantee that no two pieces are ever the same.