The Story

Just like in any other drama, there is a beginning. The idea itself was born back in the 2012, when Denis, one of our team members, still worked as an Art gallery director in one of those big Art galleries out there in the World.

As it happened, one day, while he was preparing for his weekly educational seminar about Art history, it dawned to him: “There must be something hidden, something more in the paintings, drawings and other pictorial representations in these caves and on these rocks!”

In the back of his mind, the words “We have learned nothing in twelve thousand years.” said by Pablo Picasso (after leaving the Lascaux cave in France), were haunting him all of the time.

But what was it? What do they actually represent? And who were those Artists? Where did the knowledge come from?

These are some of the questions that sprung from these incredible, sometimes unimaginable drawings, which would pose a difficult task for some of today’s professionals.

Palaeolithic cave art is distinguished by its extraordinary aesthetics and high artistic skill, and the simultaneous presence of realism and abstraction is striking. The Palaeolithic artist played with shadows and shades of colour, with the natural shapes of the wall surface and with the size of the figures, achieving multidimensionality and dynamism. The animals depicted give the impression of being alive.

Soon enough the research continued. He understood, that we are not paying enough attention to what our ancestors were trying to convey. There are some interesting theories, however there are a lot of loose ends. And that is why we are certain, that trough sharing and educating, We, the Modern Homo Sapiens, could learn a lot. If we could only manage to decipher these images and their stories.

“The prevalent official theory, which started in the early 1900`s, stated that the Paleolithic paintings had a magic-religious cause; by painting the animals it would multiply their numbers. ‘Hunting magic’ was associated with ‘sympathetic magic’ whereby an act would influence reality. This utilitarian approach was unashamedly functional, linking the art to the supply of food.

But did they stack up? Analysis showed that the Palaeolithic diets, based on faunal bones found near the rock art sites, did not really reflect the animals depicted. For example at Lascaux, 90% of the bones were from reindeer, but there is only one painting of the reindeer.

Researchers accepted that some elements of the hunting magic theory were legitimate, but it certainly didn’t explain everything; it was too simple given the complexity and variety of the compositions and further explanations were sought.”
Quote from Bradshaw Foundation

Professor dr. Michael Rappenglück from Munich university believes that the Lascaux scenes represent a map of the sky 17 000 years ago. The seven points above the shoulder blades of the neighboring bull are thought to represent the constellation of the Pleiades, and the stars Aldebaran, the Pleiades and the Hyades together form the constellation Taurus. “If this bull had been discovered in a medieval manuscript and not on a cave wall, it would have been immediately recognized as Taurus,” Rappenglück said.

That being said, we can actually hear you asking: “But why the name – neandARThal?”

Well, as you probably know, it is widely accepted, that the earliest undisputed art originated with the Homo sapiens Aurignacian some 43,000 years ago. However, there are other, much older artworks, that surpass the simple expressions of creativity, which is the basis for human development. And those, according to history, had to be made by Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. It is just incredible to think, that they were the originators of art, which is found in caves, like the one in La Pasiega, Cantabria or Maltravieso in Cáceres, Extremadura which was dated to at least 64,000 BC. So since they are the originators, this is a tribute. Of sort.

Of course, we made a spin on the name, by changing a letter, and frankly, we just like the sound of it. Then again – Why not?

Well, not to bore you to death with this unparalleled dramatic horror story, however that is how it all started. And from there, like all the stories go, we lived happily ever after. Or something like that.

However, if you want some more, we cordially invite you to check out our About the Art, to get a fuller picture.