It is trendy and very modern, to pin a Sustainability label on one`s chest, these days. However we, at neandARThal, are not doing it for any kind of “political reasons”, but purely because we LOVE our planet, natural clothing and people around us. So in regards to that, this is how we conduct our business.

The ART we create can easily fall into Sustainability category with every step. The company is based in Slovenia, the heart of Europe, so to speak. The fabrics come from Europe as well, which means there is no long distance shipping in this regard.

Linen Meadow

The second important thing is, that we use only LINEN. So, what is linen and how sustainable is it?

Linen is natural, vegan and has a lower environmental cost than most natural fabrics, cotton included. It is a beautiful woven fabric that only becomes softer and smoother with age and wear.
We use it because it has a story and it is known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world. It is 30% thicker and two times stronger than cotton, three time as durable as wool. This makes it super durable and contributes to the longevity. The fibers are so strong that, in fact, they are used in paper money, and were once woven into armors by ancient Greeks!

A key reason why linen is a sustainable fabric, is because the entire flax plant can be woven into a fiber, which means that almost no waste is left over from the spinning and weaving process. It is Eco – friendly, because flax (linen) fields require little to no irrigation. If organically processed without chemicals or intensive dyes, it also means no water pollution is made.

How about the paints we use? We use only water based paints. And water-based paints are the most environmentally friendly option and cause less harm than hydrocarbon-based alternatives.

So Linen is sustainable, durable, the transportation is down to minimum and we make everything in one place. We do not use any “questionable labour”, we make everything ourselves.
To further this economic and social part, well, we are still to small to make a real impact, but since we are here to bring our History back to where it belongs, we promise to keep it real.

Remember, neandARThal is not a “one night” fling, it is a durable Artwork, which, if treated with LOVE, can last you a lifetime!