About the Art

Now if you will grant us a another moment, please, we would like you to imagine, what neandARThal is all about. 

To achieve that, let’s try with binary Yes and No sentences. How does that sound?

No: No, this is not just another piece of wear. It is actually an Artwork that moves. Moves on you, moves with you. One might say it is a well travelled Art.

Yes: Yes, it is a dress. Or a skirt. Or a bag. Confusing? Probably. Why not?

However: It is a dress, or a skirt or something, which should be seen as just another “different kind” of canvas. Everything is HAND MADE and HAND PAINTED. Designs are simple, yet very fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Yes: So yes, it is an item, because we want the Art to “go out in the world”, so to speak. To spread, to communicate. That is what Art itself wants to do. To touch as many souls as possible. After all, Art’s parentsWISDOM and LOVE – want the same.

Imagine these clothes as the canvas of the Art, which our own ancestors made. Because that is precisely what they are. These images can be found literally everywhere in the world. From Africa to Scandinavia, from Australia to Alaska and everywhere in between.

What that means is, that that they are a huge part of us. All of us. You and me, us and them. It is one of those things, which connects us on the deepest and furthest level. ART is the connection since the dawn of our species.

But why paint them on the wearables? Well findings do tell us, that our ancestors decorated their garments with symbols. So, were these artists, who painted the walls, paint these images on their clothes as well? We don`t know. For us, it is a possibility. And we can speculate, because we are not scientists, we are artisans.
And we do know, that at least 38,000 years ago, people used LINEN. And that is why we are doing the same. Sustainable OEKO-TEX® LINEN.

That being said, all these “collective memories” are UNIQUE ONE-OF-A-KIND variations, so all of them look different. There is no “line”. Bearing in mind, that this is an Artwork, you will notice, that sometimes we recreated the whole image and other times we just took a detail. It is an interpretation of what is seen and felt.

In regards to colors, we know, that there are indicators, that lots of different colors were used to create these paintings back in the days. It is also known, that “Cave men” travelled as far as 25 miles to obtain iron earth pigments for their paint in the Lascaux area.
Those are the reasons why we use “broad palette”. Sometimes we choose the colors to pay a homage to some of the great artists of the modern times and once in a while, we get “inspired.”

Now since this is not merely an apparel, we will provide you some quality information about the origin of the Artwork. You`ll be able to dive into the the story of our Humanity`s journey trough time and feel the connection. We promise to stay as authentic as possible.

All this is for your pleasure and intrigue.

And just imagine, after knowing all of that, whenever someone says:

“What is that? What does your clothing mean?”
You will be able to choose how deep the conversation goes.

If we had to sum up it up into “one sentence”, one could say that:

neandARThal is a “special kind of Art”. It is an Ancient Art painted on hand-made linen clothing for everyone who is looking for unique, high-quality, and sustainably-produced wearable, which allows you to express your values, your ideas about the world, while supporting and promoting knowledge, research, history, independent artisans and small honest businesses.

Well… that’s it. And rememberspread LOVE wherever you are!!

Ps.: If you really, really still don`t have enough, there is an FAQ, – just for – YOU (this was apparently added for the rhyme – please ignore).